Family Guy

category: TV Show
description: Follow on Twitter: Add to Google+ Circle: Watch Full-Episodes: FAMILY GUY is a 20th Century Fox Television production.
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network: FOX
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season: 13
written_by: Seth MacFarlane (creator/executive producer), Mark Hentemann, Steve Callaghan, Chris Sheridan, Danny Smith, Alec Sulkin, Wellesley Wild (executive producers)
starring: Peter Griffin (Seth MacFarlane), Lois Griffin (Alex Borstein), Chris Griffin (Seth Green), Meg Griffin (Mila Kunis), Stewie Griffin (Seth MacFarlane), Brian Griffin (Seth MacFarlane), Cleveland Brown (Mike Henry)
genre: Animated Comedy
about: The adventures of an endearingly ignorant dad and his hilariously odd family of middle-class New Englanders.
release_date: April 11, 1999
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plot_outline: The show follows the adventures of lovable oaf PETER GRIFFIN (Seth MacFarlane) and his hilariously odd family of middle-class New Englanders. LOIS (Alex Borstein) is Peter’s loving wife, a former Miss Teen Rhode Island who rules the roost but is one step away from a nervous breakdown. Then there are their kids: frumpy, 16-year-old MEG (Mila Kunis), the family’s punching bag; 13-year-old CHRIS (Seth Green), a kid who can’t make sense of the opposite sex, much less the evil monkey hiding in his closet; and 1-year-old STEWIE (MacFarlane), a diabolically clever baby whose heterosexuality is hanging by a thread. Rounding out the Griffin household is BRIAN (MacFarlane), the family dog, a member of Mensa with a penchant for dry martinis and dumb blondes.
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